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The range of clients we serve and our expertise is both extensive and diversified. Medical facilities, including clean rooms, computer laboratories, financial institutions, schools, religious institutions, schools, residential developments, retail stores, fire stations, hotels, historic renovations, and high rise projects are some of the areas in which we have expertise.


Below is a list of the services that Macallan Construction offers:


  • Demographic Analysis

  • Land Use Analysis

  • Project Programming

  • Design Development Consulting

  • Preconstruction Services

  • All Design Disciplines

  • Estimating

  • Project Scheduling, Administration and Supervision

  • Construction

  • Inspections

  • LEED Consulting


For some clients we provide a turnkey package that includes all the work listed above; for others, it's a consultation only. Many of our clients prefer a negotiated design build partnership that ensures that their interest is foremost and enables us to deliver what they envision within their budget.


Our desire is to create a dynamic building project where changes and decisions can easily be made as construction progresses.


These negotiated services typically result in a realized cost savings, a time savings to the client, and the construction of a superior product.


The benefits of working with Macallan are evident in our client referrals. We encourage you to contact some of our clients to hear from them first hand. We are committed to building long-term relationships by successful completion of each project on time, within budget and with the highest quality standards. Success - both ours and yours - depends on it.



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